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Thank You 4 Your Suppoet!!!


Enough words could not describe the amount of recognition you deserve for simply joining this cause. Currently, we are not collecting donations, but the moral support alone is of tremendous importance. Guinean Youth will be servicing the youth of Guinea the world over, and our first asset is the support of the community. Thus, we thank you for joining the cause.

Please continue to show support by recruiting more members to the cause, even if they are not Guinean. Explain the needs of your community to your friends and co-workers, and begin to think about organizing in your locality if you are not already doing so. With time, Guinean Youth aims to provide you with all the tools you need to make a huge difference.

Once again, THANK YOU!!!

P.S. Check out our group on facebook, also called Guinean Youth. :-) May God bless all those who help others.

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