Ethan Bibb

Recently, Philanthropy Rocks put on a "Chords for a Cure" event for the family of Ethan Bibb, a young boy with cancer. Ethan has passed. Our sympathy and prayers go out to Ethan’s family and friends. We're grateful for Ethan's determination, and eternal…Read More

Chords for a Cure TONIGHT - 3rd and Lindsley 7PM

I hope this year has started off in the right direction and that this finds you doing well. For many 2009 was a year of unprecedented challenges. My friend Matt was telling me about how he heard old friend from high school who's son, Ethan, was diagnosed with…Read More

March 24th Philanthropy Rocks 3rd and Lindsey with "Chords for a Cure"

This year "Chords for a Cure" is raising money for a young man named Ethan Bibb. He's a young boy who's been fighting a cancer of the brain and spinal cord (medulloblastoma). It is threatening his life. We believe we can help make things easier not just for…Read More

Speak preview of the the Philanthropy Rocks Podcast

You should be amped up like a truck driver backstage at a Lynyard Skynyard concert. Why? Because before it goes live on Itunes, the members of our Face book community will be able get a sneak preview of our all new podcast. In this edition of the podcast we…Read More

It's about people

Producing events is very much a team effort. If not for the tremendous donation of time and energy these events would be arduous, if not impossible to do. There are many details, people, and challenges that can be a barrier to a successful event. When we come…Read More

More rock for "Poets for a Purpose"

Nashville folk Rock duo "Carswell" and Jami Brackin were just added to the already talented line up of "Poets for a Purpose" Visit: &

Note worthy

In the same way that Clinton didn't inhale.....I never visited "Glam Spirit"......I was just looking for some good content that others would enjoy and left the full experience those with a greater appreciation for…Read More
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