EDA Janus edition: Election integrity Past and Future

Defend the Vote supporters: Happy New Year from Election Defense Alliance For a quick update on election integrity developments see our online Year-End Action Report at http://bit.ly/4uhBIc * 3 major EDA investigation summaries and full download links *…Read More

Triple Flips at EDA. $500 goal reached.

 Thanks to ONE donor who made up the difference, and tripled her donation value, the Flip for Election Integrity drive made its $500 goal and as a result, EDA will be getting 10 Flip videocams to deploy to election monitoring teams.   Dan Ashby Cause Creator

Triple Flip for Election Integrity (3 Days)

Forward Flip: Forward 1 Friend a Defend the Vote link Back Flip: Link to DTV from a blog or social network Triple Flip: Triple your donation value via the Flip incentive Medalist: Do all three & finish with a Ta-daa! dismount   Dan Ashby Cause Creator

What do you like to do?

We're building a Volunteer Registry at EDA, and we're asking what you like to do. It's an open drop-in invitation to lend your skills and time to election integrity, doing what you like to do, and when you want to. Lots of choices, and we're still building.…Read More

Starter steps to election integrity activism

Well, our first Defend the Vote fundraising goal came and went. Here's the current nonprofit wisdom: Social networking might turn into a great fundraising tool, but it's not there . . . yet. Many practitioners recommend engaging people in volunteer actions…Read More
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