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Please, EVERYONE get involved in this issue, and do it NOW! Go to Causes on Facebook and find "SAVE THE COWPALACE" at - we need EVERYONE to get involved!

Also, I want to remind EVERYONE in that Cause that you have to make your voice heard on the issue - you have to contact your Senator AND the Governor! It only takes a minute, but just by being on here does NOT get the message to them!

If you live in CA go to: and click on "Take Action", then click on the link to the Senators, find yours, and then email him. Do the same with the link to the Governor.

Below is a sample of the message you should send them:

I urge you to OPPOSE SB586 (Yee). This hastily amended bill is hurtful to thousands of California citizens, will cost jobs and will destroy a valuable and critical resource for future generations. Thank you!

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