keep the marriage bed pure

My mother described sex to me as a beautiful garden made by God. Trees of all kinds, flowers that give wonderous smells, the best tasting fruits, and glorious lakes and rivers. So much beauty, so much to dicover, and gloriouos things be in awe of. Though this garden was made for the enjoyment of many, there is a gate around it protecting it. That gate is called Marriage. When one enters the gate with the person of their dreams the garden is completely theirs. But when someone breaks in and damages the gate, they must crawl over the rubble and debris, and they have ruined some of the plants. they also cheapen themselves and the person they are with. And if one has been to the garden before, they loose the oppertunity to discover its wonder with their soul mate, and thereby cheapening the excperience, and cheapening the person they love.

Note Bene: FORGIVE!!!!!!!! if someone has crossed the gate at the wrong time and asks for forgiveness GOD HAS FORGIVEN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if God has forgiven them that should be good enough for us!!!!!!!! Forgiveness, just like sex, was made by God too!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. save sex for marriage

2. encourage abstinence

3. FORGIVE and LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!