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Will you join us in honoring Cesar Chavez today?

UFW Launches New Facebook App To Honor César Chávez

Happy César Chávez Day--an official holiday in ten states. To celebrate César's life and spread the word about his legacy, the UFW has just launched an innovative new campaign through a "Donate your Facebook Status to César" Facebook App at

Throughout his life, César inspired millions of people – in the fields and in the cities--to commit themselves to the fight for social, economic, and civil rights. When he was once asked by a union member how he wanted to be remembered, Chávez replied, “If you want to remember me, organize!”

César knew as you and I do – there is still much to be done. The struggle for a contract with Giumarra (suppliers of most of the table grapes in America), injustice in the wrongful death of farm worker Maria Isavel Vasquez Jimenez, and the continuing legislative attacks on immigrants, unions and the poor remind us of the challenges we face this very moment.

So on César's March 31 birthday, we’re remembering César the way he wished us to – organizing everyone we know.

Please help us get thousands of people to honor César Chávez via organizing through social media by going to

We can make this go viral, but we need every person to do this right now. Through a few simple clicks and a optional comment you can help us tell millions that César's message of social justice still lives on today.

Thank you and Si Se Puede!

Jocelyn Sherman, UFW
Internet Communications Director


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