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Illegal Alien" Halloween costume is offensive

Illegal Alien" Halloween costume is offensive

The UFW just put out an action alert to Toys-R-Us &, two other groups that are selling these very offensive costumes. Please consider taking action on this. Thanks!

Also please retweet: RT: @UFWupdates: Tell Toys R Us & Amazon that illegal alien Halloween costumes are offensive & they should pull. #ufw

Illegal Alien" Halloween costume is offensive

An offensive "ilegal alien" costume is being sold at Toys R Us and as well as other stores.

According to these websites, for just $39.99, you can now dress up as an "illegal alien" for Halloween. These stores are selling the costume made up of an orange jumpsuit with the words "illegal alien" written across the chest. The costume even comes with a mask of a space invader with big eyes, and a green card.

The extra terrestrial creature perpetuates racism and discrimination in an already hostile environment and during a period of time when the debate on immigration reform is increasingly hateful and divisive.

Please send an e-mail today to Toys-R-Us and and let these corporations know that this is not funny. They used poor judgement in selling this offensive product and should pull it immediately.

Tell A Friend: Every e-mail sent makes a difference. Forward this message to at least 10 friends or family and ask them to send an e-mail too.

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