Another Prayer Request

My friend Joanie in Georgia is asking prayer for herself tonight. She has been having chest pains. Keep her dad in your prayers as well please, he has been in declining health for a while now. UPDATE #1 Joanie is in the ER with irregular heart beat so please…Read More

Prayer Requests from a friend

Karen Hamm Shaffer I know I am asking for lots of prayer request, but I need yet another added to the list. Please pray for my friend from King, Ronald Kiser. He is in danger of losing his hand and the other is badly mangled from an accident. Continue to…Read More

Prayer Requests

Earlene Epperson, is receiving Physical therapy and trying to gett stronger. She has been very weak from cancer treatment. She could use your prayers. Griffin Goodyear is in UVA's hospital battling MRSA. He was removed from life support a few days ago and…Read More

Prayer Request

Please pray for my friend Susan's husband. Tomorrow he will undergo a biopsy on prostate. She is certainly upset and needs peace as does the whole family. Thanks for the prayers, Derrick

Please Pray

Asking prayer for Earlene Epperson, owner of WBRF and widow of the late Ralph Epperson, owner/founder WPAQ. I just received word her cancer has returned and will be going to the Dr ASAP for more information and options.

Please Pray for Willard Snow

Willard has been in somewhat fragile health for a while. He is now hospitalized in Georgia and has had possible heart attack and or mild stroke. His daughter Joanie is a member of this group. Please pray for Willard and the whole family.

(no subject)

Please keep my friend Leigh Ann in your prayers. Recently had pre cancer cells removed etc... Today she got a call from Dr and pathology report back from her surgery and obviously not too good. She goes to see him tomorrow afternoon!! She's pretty upset and…Read More
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