Remembering Sara - Puerto Rico Memorial Opportunity

Hello Friends & Family of Sara~ Last week, one of Sara's roommates from CSU Chico contacted me (literally the day AFTER I saw James Van Praagh, a spiritual medium).  Sara's spirit is strong and the timing seems like much more than a coincidence.  One of…Read More

Happy Birthday Dear Sara...

Hello Friends and Family of Sara Kuszak, This week has been a difficult one for us all as we celebrate Sara's 36th birthday in our hearts. Sara left an impression in our minds, heart and souls that will never be forgotten. Our only consolation is knowing…Read More

Sara's Voice Update

For those of you who viewed the video on YouTube of the roadside memorial held in Ceiba, Puerto Rico, I wanted to let you know that I tracked down the person who mispelled our dear Sara's name. The woman's name is Ms. Sharpe, an American from Virginia, who…Read More


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