Giving back, is always better than recieving!

Hello HAE support members. I am happy to inform you that my son Colby Clements has been doing great the past couple of weeks with his HAE disorder. He is truly a fighter, and has amazing talent and a heart of gold. Please continue to recruit others to this…Read More

Our cause recieved an award! Thank you all for your support...Please help us continue to spread awareness!

2009 AAAAI Distinguished Layperson Award U.S. Heridtary Angioedeam Association "In recognition of educating the public and scientific community toward a greater understanding of hereditary angioedema and the development of therapies to treat this…Read More

February and March 2010 Fundraiser for the Non-Profit HAE Association

Hello all HAE members, First I want to thank you all for being apart of the HAE Cause that I have created for my 13 year old son that suffers from this rare disease on a daily basis. Thank you for supporting and helping raise awareness of this disease. I am…Read More

Help spread awareness for HAE due to they have support me and my son in many different ways throughout his daily life.

HAE is a non-profit organization that provides patients with majority of all their required needs. Colby Clements is 13 and is a HAE Patient, and articles have been written and published about his experiences with living with HAE. COLBY--this is for you....I…Read More

Update on Colby's new IV Infusion Medicine

Good Morning to all. Colby has now had 2 infusions of his new medicine. He will contiue to get these infusions every 3 days to help try and keep the swelling episodes away. Today he did wake up and he does have a little swelling on the inside of his right…Read More

Colby starts his new medicine 3-18-2009

Good Evening Everyone. As everyone knows the past couple of months have been extremely hard on Colby and on our family. Tomorrow Colby will start his new medicine. He will be having a Home Health Nurse come to our house every 3 days to give him an IV…Read More

Current Attack

Colby was admitted to CHKD this morning for another throat swelling attack. He could barely speak and drink by the time we got here his morning. Throughout the day...Colby medical condition seems to be improving which is a great thing. I would like to see if…Read More
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