Program No to NATO – No to war Conference

International Conference, Strasbourg, 3rd and 5th April 2009 In April NATO will celebrate its 60th anniversary in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden. NATO intends to approve a new concept which will sustain the unjust world order. This concept has the aim to…Read More

Call for mobilization

Demonstration April 4th in Strasbourg In not less than four weeks we will be non-violently and creatively protesting against Nato in Strasbourg. Until then there is much to do and organize. In order to send beautiful pictures of our protests in the City of…Read More

Appeal for Funds

In four weeks more than 500 organizations will protest with tens of thousands of citizens of the world against Nato in Strasbourg. Until then many preparations have to be taken care of: International guests have to be invited and accommodated, rooms for the…Read More

Communique which summarizes the International Activists Conference in Strasbourg from 14/15 of Febuary

Communique No to war – No to NATO Defense of Democracy and the demonstration celebrations Five hundred people coming from 19 countries met for the activist conference at Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg, on February 14 and 15 2009, invited by the…Read More
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