Bring awareness about sexual abuse, assault, and domestic violence

Take Back the Night began in the United States in 1978 for women to speak out against the adverse affects of pornography. From there the idea spread and the need rose. The event is held at night due to the increased concern of violence happening at night, although it can occur at any time of the day. The program began in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area 22 years ago, and is still going strong today. The event will be held April 29, 2011 beginning at 6:30 at Sawyer Point in Cincinnati. This is followed by a march across the Taylor Southgate bridge to Newport Peace Bell. The clothesline project will be on display. Guest speaker will be Mary Ritchie. The march back will be in silence with candlelight to symbolize the light given to those who are hiding in the darkness of sexual assault and violence. The silence is for the respect to those who have not survived, who have died at the hands of their attackers.

1. Rape is committed every 2 minutes in the United States

2. A woman is battered every 9 seconds

3. One of every 3 girls and one of every 5 boys will be victimized by someone they know and trust

4. Check out www.takebackthenight.org for more national information

5. Check out http://guidetofeelingbetter.org/GuideToFeelingBetter/ASP/CableShows2.asp under Take Back the Night for more local information