Cisco is coming to town

My wife is coming to Crystal Beach to take current photos of the area, as a continued effort to draw attention to the work left undone a year later.

Thank You

I want to thank everyone that has join this cause i have reposted the video that my husband make if you have not seen it yet feel free to watch it Thank you again

Former President George Bush Sr. lending a hand

One of our members posted a tribute video and I wanted to make sure all of you got to see it.

Excellent job recruiting, you guys.

I am excited that we are over 1500 people strong. This weekend is the beach cleanup on Bolivar Penisula. I am trying to find a true charity that will help rebuild businesses and homes, not pet projects. I need people posting pictures of the progress out…Read More

contact your governor invite him to join, find out who congressman and senators are.

The slide show please watch before it gets yanked

The video contains images i found on the internet and photos that were taken around Marsha's house. The music BELONGS TO SUGARLAND AND THEIR LABEL. STORY IN THE MUSIC GOES ALONG WITH THE PICTURES AND IS ONLY USED TO TELL THE STORY. I HAVE SENT EMAILS TO…Read More
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