Burmese IDPs and Refugees

The SPDC (the military junta that rules Burma with an iron fist) are well known for their human rights abuses against the ethnic minority peoples inside Burma. Consistant attacks on villages, rape, murder, kidnapping, slave labour and torture are amongst the many atrocities that have been committed by the armies of the SPDC.

Over a million people are internally displaced inside Burma (IDPs) and half a million live in refugee camps in Thailand along the Thai / Burma border.

The IDP populations are often on the run or living in remote areas in hiding from the Burmese military.

Health studies done on IDP populations show that 1 in twelve women are dying from childbirth and 42% of IDP deaths are from mosquito borne diseases such as Malaria.

This cause is aimed at raising the profile of the plight of the Burmese refugees and IDPS and supporting NGOs who are working with them.

1. The international community to do more to ensure the safety of Burmese refugees and IDPs.

2. Political pressure needs to be put on the Burmese government for their to be a transitioning to democracy in Burma

3. Resources and personnel need to be made availble to Burmes minorities so that they can be empowered to care for themselves during this time of crisis.