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It was a great month for CP Awareness. Our cause grew, and with it, people learned more about cerebral palsy and the need to fund research, therapies and other interventions. Please continue to speak out about CP. Until next year, remember that one voice can…Read More

Meet Erica

Patty Lanier Lyons just posted a photo to your cause, Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month presented by CP Parent Columbus, central Ohio chapter of RFTS, Inc (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/231266?m=a08f7f2d): One of the amazing kids we're fighting for with our…Read More

Meet Erica

Erica turned 8 last month. Eight years ago I was experiencing the agonizing symptoms of HELPP syndrome at 27 weeks pregnant; the next day she was born via emergency c-section at 1.5 pounds. Such a long way we have come! No doctor ever made dire predictions of…Read More

10 Days Left!

We have 10 days left to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy. Please continue to invite your friends to join the cause. We now know that 1 in 268 children have Cerebral Palsy, the most common childhood motor disability. Over 800,000 Americans are affected,…Read More

It's all about the 10 in 2010

We're 10 days into Cerebral Palsy Awareness month. Today is a great day to go for our goal...10,000 members and $10,000 for Reaching for the Stars A Foundation of Hope for Children with Cerebral Palsy. What You Can Do! 1. Recruit 10 friends to the cause. 2.…Read More

Meet Matthew

“Play Ball!” These words are what Matthew looks forward to each and every spring when he participates in the Miracle League. Born 15 yrs. ago at 27 weeks gestation, he suffered a brain hemorrhage and has defeated all odds. He is social, communicative, strong…Read More
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