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For Dog & Cat Owners In NJ

Hi everyone, hope are are all doing excellent!

I sat down and met with the owner of Cosmopawlaitan today. Very lovely woman, she is very passionate about animals! If you need dog/cat food collars leashes harnesses beds bowls& stands toys, treats, hypoallergenic food, thats the place to go! She actually brings her two Goldens with her to the store, Pumpkin and Bob! In their middletown location they opened a small grooming salon with one groomer. Shes been a groomer for 22+ years and is absolutely passionate and connected to all the dogs she grooms. Its a low key calm atmosphere, perfect for nervous or older dogs. Also so the hyper young puppys to have full one on one attention with no distractions!

They have never had a issue with food recall, they even pulled every thing for the peanut butter scare just in case! They are there for you to help you in anyway possible!

Their prices go from average to high end! So don't be frightened if you seen high prices, they have bargain deals too!

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