Legislative update (from savethemetolius.org)

"After being defeated by one vote on 6/16, the Oregon House voted earlier today in favor of reconsidering HB 3298. Immediately after the vote for reconsideration, the House voted in favor of tabling the bill. Both of these actions are good signs and they mean…Read More

We Are Getting Close

Thank you everyone for joining this cause! With all of your input and help we passed in the Senate today! Now, in the final stretch, we need one last PUSH to pass the House. Please click on the the following link which will walk you through the VERY short and…Read More

Post Card Campaign Reminder

Dear Fellow Metolius River Guardians, Kathy Krause has strongly urged me to post another announcement about the Metolius Post Card Campaign. If you haven't already done so, please click on the savethemetolius.org site, follow the links for the post card…Read More

Metolius Post Card Campaign

Metolius River Friends! The Metolius River MUST have your help! This WILL be our last chance! Join our postcard campaign and help us get thousands of postcards to our legislators demanding permanent protection for this river! It couldn't be easier! All you…Read More

Metolius Update – HB 3100 Passes House Land Use Committee 5-2!

April 23, 2009 Dear Friend, On Tuesday, April 21st, House Bill 3100 - the Metolius Protection Act of 2009 - cleared a huge hurdle as the House Land Use Committee passed the bill by a margin of 5-2. HB 3100 now heads to the House Rules Committee, Chaired by…Read More

Help the Metolius on April 21

You've joined the cause, now make it matter! We need 1000 letters by 2pm tomorrow! Take the challenge, make your mark! The Metolius River is a birthright to all Oregonians so let our legislators hear that from you. The two key people to write, or call are…Read More

Please take a moment to help : April 21, 2009

Dear members of Save The Metolius, Okay, over 1058 of you have joined the cause; Thank You! NOW .... make it count! The Metolius River challenges YOU to help make the largest Facebook Cause impact ever! The river & basin need a short, polite, from the…Read More
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