a fun song written by someone of a like mind, we'll certainly dance to this, tramp the dirt down and other songs about her demise, which we hope will be soon. I sometimes wonder if it's callous to wish someone dead. Have you seen how many songs, poems, plays…Read More

David Cameron, the 'Reverse Robin Hood' He takes from the poorest to give to the richest!

This lot are trying to be tougher on the poor than even Thatcher managed. Share this photo so they can't be voted for again.

They Have To Be Taking The Piss!!!

This straw broke my camel's back. I'll Dance on Thatcher's Grave etc. will, from today, be doing more to ensure that nobody would dream of voting for these clowns ever again. Share it with anyone who is right in the mind, that would be those who are left in…Read More

she's still fleecing us!

Are Your Friends Coming To The Party???

Hey fellow grave dancers, the time cannot be far away when we get one of our greatest wishes, to, metaphorically at least, dance on Thatcher's grave. We're only 50 short of the 5,000 members, well done all of you. Time for a big push before she croaks. Are…Read More

Dancing on Thatcher's grave

Hello my fellow grave dancers. Our cause has now reached 4,311, well done all of you. Let's have another push before she stumbles off this mortal coil, which we all hope will be soon. Have you invited all of your friends to join the grave dancing party, it…Read More

almost 2,000

Hi all you grave dancers. I don't inundate you with emails and requests, as all we're doing is waiting for the great day. however, I'd love the members to increase even further, currently 1,886, both as a protest against the most evil and devisive prime…Read More
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