Please Invite All your Facebook friends and groups

Hi everyone just a quick note to ask everyone to Please Invite Everyone On your friends and groups lists and if they havn't responded, please Re-invite them. The more people in the world that know about the great work that this hospital does on a daily basis…Read More


Hi and a BIG THANKS TO ALL members who have helped this Cause be the Success that it is, leading to helping the appeal with a RECORD Total this year for the GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL However OUR Committment does not stop there we are always on the look out for new…Read More


A BIG THANK YOU goes out to ALL who have supported my Cause over the past 18mths or so, but of course this Cause would be nothing without money being ultimately given to the Good Friday Appeal so please dig deep , volunteer , donate , give your time tomorrow,…Read More


In the Lead up the this year's annual Good Friday Appeal and the reason why this Cause was created. I felt that now was the perfect time to ask everybody to really get involved in this wonderful Appeal, so please invite new friends old friends All your…Read More

Invite all on your friends lists

2 WEEKS TO GO 2 WEEKS TO GO 2 WEEKS TO GO Hi everyone just a quick reminder that Good Friday and the Good Friday Appeal is only 2 weeks away, please keep inviting and adding new people to this cause every day as the more people that get involved, the more…Read More

Good Friday Appeal Donation Envelopes

Please note for all those in the area of the Herald Sun in Victoria and Southern NSW, there is a donation envelop in todays (Monday 23rd March) for the Good Friday Appeal Please forward your donation as soon as possible, or you can donate online at :…Read More

Love ya seafood - help the kids

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