Update From Brandon

Got update from BH he's working on his art and trying to stay focused - difficult to be optimistic in there but he is kicking himself hard to stay positive - help him the only way you can - tell people his story and write the governor folks - do it…Read More

Please take a minute this week for Brandon - the Governor needs to continue to hear from us!

Take a minute today please - write, email or fax the Governor and let him know how important it is to you that Brandon Hein not spend another Christmas in prison away from his family.The governor is a human being you do not need to over think this - tell him…Read More

Join me ...write the Governor today!!!

 Re: Brandon Hein K- 24820 Governor Schwarzenegger State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA 95814 Governor Schwarzenegger Please do not leave Brandon behind when you leave office in January. "If at the end of court procedures there is claimed to persist a…Read More

The 13th hour

We have arrived at the 13th hour, one hour past hope, the wolf is howling at the door and no sign of redemption for Brandon Hein. Why? How can this be? I know we all must go on about our daily lives but the hour has come and past and though some stood up most…Read More

On Newstands now "NEWSWEEK" magazine - on cover "Aliens" inside article by Charles Grodin on Brandon pg 21

To be entering prison at 18 yrs old for a life sentence when the worst choice you had made to date was underage drinking and a teenage brawl is not only unjust it is a nightmare and a wake up call for ALL - Brandon Hein could have been my son or yours. Bravo…Read More

Patch of Blue

Trying to be patient, waiting for that patch of blue. It came in the most unlikely place, a prison in the middle of the desert on a young man's face named Brandon Hein. It is as if he fell out of the sky and into my life. Hearing his story and consequently…Read More


This is not a fairy tale, though I wish it were then I would re write the following story so there was no injustice, no pain and no loss of precious time. My friend Brandon Hein would have appreciated that because for him there would be no second chance. I…Read More
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