Solve the sports concussion crisis

SLI works to solve the sports concussion crisis through research, education and treatment. We've recently learned that repetitive trauma to the head in sports like football, soccer, and hockey can lead to a rare disease called Traumatic Encephalopathy, which is only able to be diagnosed after death. It causes memory loss, depression, and emotional instabiity, and is incurable.

How many people have it? We have no idea, because no one has ever looked before. We've found it in 10 of 11 athletes ages 18-50, all of whom died tragically, many self-inflicted. Google Chris Benoit, Andre Waters, or Tom McHale, and the list keeps growing.

If you love an athlete who has been hit in the head, support SLI, as our work with Boston University School of Medicine may save his or her life some day.

1. Sports and athletic endeavors are great, but preventable brain damage from sports is not

2. 50% of youth athletes in contact sports suffer concussion each year

3. Working with BU School of Medicine we have found a rare degenerative brain disease called Traumatic Encepholpathy in 10 of 11 athletes ages 18-50

4. Time to wake up and do something about it

5. www.sportslegacy.org