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Joining helps to spread awareness, thank you for joining my cause and if you could join ataxia-telangiectasia society on causes too that would be great. Every click makes a difference and helps us in the future.

OMG so sorry

been concentrating on working with the A-T Society really haven't kept up to date on herel. Thank youto everyone who joins, it does make a difference to know we have support and that we have raised awareness of this genetic and progressively degenerative…Read More

A-Time to listen Radio 4 Appeal A-T Society

Please remember to listen to Radio 4 on Sunday 15 November 7.55 and 21.26, and Thursday 19th November at 15.27. FM92.4-94.6 LW198. Please put this in your facebook information or attach to your e-mails. Everyone that listens can help us to raise awareness…Read More

A-T Society Radio 4 Appeal

Radio 4 Appeal by Lian On behalf of the A-T Society On Sunday 15th November At 07.55 & 21.26, and also on Thursday 19th November at 15.27 Frequency: FM 92.4-94.6, LW 198 Listen online at: www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/appeal Tell your friends, family,…Read More

AT Society Group

In the process of being set up here on facebook, please check it out and join it too. Thank you.

AT Society

Group has been started by the Society, join up please. But keep visiting my cause too. Thank you, Lian

Tandem Parachute Jumps

visit www.justgiving.com/tandemparachute to check out the dates. Come and watch if you are nearby - would be great to have your support.
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