the dismantling the psychiatric system and building a better world

Radical and visionary, we are comprised of activists, psychiatric survivors, dramatists, academics, and professionals. We see problems in living which are currently pathologized as largely created by sexism, capitalism, racism, ableism, heterosexism and other systemic oppressions. We see the very concept of mental illness as flawed. We object to incarceration, electroshock, and the vast array of brain-damaging drugs. We oppose the violation of human rights which is endemic to psychiatry. We see a connection between globalization, intolerance, and the mass marketing of the mental health industry. The world which we strive to co-create is one where people are not pathologized, where care is neither commodified nor professionalized, where choice and integrity are respected, and where we are all joined in caring and creative community to each other and to the planet earth.

(I am building awareness of this group, and am only loosely afiliated with them. The charity is not conected to them but is a worthy group raising money for mood disorders.)


1. A mind is one's own.