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Hey all, keep calling and encourage your friends to call Gov. Patrick to express your voice on the Gas Tax. Veronica Cintron just interviewed me and will be doing a story on this webpage tonight! Thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts and…Read More

Keep It Going!

Hey all, continue to call (or if you have give the numbers to friends to call) the posted numbers, checked them today they are working. I have recieved several 'inbox' messages saying some numbers have been disconnected. maybe it was a glitch, but they all…Read More

Let your voice be heard!

CALL TODAY BOSTON 1 888 870 7770 SPRINGFIELD 1 413 784 1200 WASHINGTON 1 202 624 7713 This site is meaningless, unless WE CALL and voice our disapproval! I must admit, I am part of the small minority. I could weather this increase. THE MAJORITY…Read More
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