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guidelines for fundraisers

It has come to the attention of Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services (LCVS) that some fundraising activities have taken place in the name of the Michael Causer Fund without permission being sought. Following advice from the LCVS Charity Manager I am writing to anyone who may be (or wish to be) involved in fundraising activities.

If you have any intention of raising money for the Michael Causer Fund, you must note the following:

• The Michael Causer Fund is wholly administered by Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services – registered charity number: 223485;
• No fundraising activities for the Michael Causer Fund can take place without the permission of LCVS; any such fundraising activities are likely to be illegal under UK Law;
• LCVS will approve individuals and organisations to undertake fundraising activities, provided full accounts of income and expenditure (with receipts) can be presented after the activity and the organisers agree that these accounts can be made public;
• No public fundraising event should be organised without the permission of Michael’s parents: Mike and Marie Causer;
• Under no circumstances will fundraising events or activities that are mostly for profit or personal gain be authorised by LCVS.

We welcome anyone who genuinely wants to organise something to support the fund and I am more than happy to help people who are not sure how to go about this. However we can't support events where most of the money is not going to the fund.

Please note that any further fundraising activities carried out in the name of Michael Causer must comply with the above conditions. Failure to do may result in LCVS reporting the breach to the police and trading standards.

If you have any concerns get in touch.

Tommy McIlravey

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