Michael Causer aged 18, was brutally murdered in a sustained homophobic attack, and the main protagonist has walked free from court without even a conviction for manslaughter. this is gross injustice

Michael Causer was a young openly gay trainee hairdresser, of small stature and less than 8 stone. He was asleep after a party in Huyton, Liverpool (UK) on July 25th 2008, when he was dragged naked from the bed and subjected to repeated horrific attacks by Gavin Alker (whom he had never met) and James O'Connor, during which they punched, kicked, and stomped on his head.

Michael sustained burns to his legs, a broken nose and jaw, and other eye, neck, and brain injuries. Gavin Alker was heard shouting homophobic abuse throughout, and produced a knife threatening to cut Michaels piercings out but was prevented from doing this. He even asked for pliers.

One loyal friend Michael Binsteed who had repeatedly tried in vain to defend Michael, then carried him out to the street, and an ambulance was called. (He told them it was a random street attack as he was in fear of the two perpetrators.) Michael never regained consciousness but died in hospital 8 days later.

Inexplicicably, the main protagonist of the case (cage-fighter) Gavin Alker has walked free after a self-defence plea was ruled as admissable, Michaels good character was besmirched and he was portayed as a thug when in fact he was a kind and gentle young man. The jury voted 10/2 in favour of the defendant.

James O'Connor changed his plea to guilty and on Monday 23rd March 2009 was sentenced to life imprisonment: ie 23 years, eligible for parole after a minimum of 11 years with good behaviour. Michael Binsteed received a suspended sentence and community service for perverting the course of justice. Meanwhile Judge King was told that Michael Causer was "effervescent."

1. To raise awareness about a gross miscarriage of justice whereby a young gay man asleep in bed can be killed by two men one of whom is still at liberty