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New paper out...??

mmm... When one is busy getting stories it's difficult to be telling you they're here as well ;-)
The announcement for this month's paper is VERY late (Even though the paper itself wasn't;-))
Reason being is that I was away for the beginning of the month actually being involved in a story of hope. Aspen Pharmaceutics, Danie Malan and Light-Art Photography (That's me ;-)) have teamed up to help cloth the orphan, and feed the hungry... I'll tell you about it in next months paper :-D
In the mean time I hope you enjoy this month!

BTW If you would like us to distribute the paper in your area, all we neeed is a couple of businesses from your area to advertise and we'll be able to do it with the greatest of pleasure.

NB!! Be sure to look out for our new ZimBique outreach video coming soon.

Together Building the Kingdom and brining Hope in Africa.

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