1st Re-Launch Publication in July 2012

Everything is on track towards going live in July with our first re-launch publication. The next step is to get advertisers on board. If you'd like to expose your business to the world and make a difference while doing so, please consider advertising in…Read More

Getting Back in the Saddle

Stories of Hope... (Formally affectionately known as "Hope in Africa") is getting back in the saddle. After a couple of years of silence we're doing it agian... building nations by spreading Stories of Hope... in your country ;-) Starting in Africa again…Read More

HIA get into international Airport!!

Not sure if I mentioned this, so I'll just say it again so that you know that we are progressing despite ALL odds ;-) *********** Amanda was able to secure Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport as a distribution point for the Paper. That means that we've…Read More

We're looking for testimomials.

Hi There Thanks so much for joining Hope in Africa and we're really stoked that you're willing to support this cause. What we would love to do as a Hope Building exercise is to publish stories of how HIA has brought Hope to you, the average reader. Please…Read More

Awesome NEWS!!

Hi All Just thought I'd let you know that we've been given permission to distribute the papers at the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport! That means that EVERYONE coming to MPU through the airport will be reading about the Hope that is In Africa!! Well…Read More

Need demographics!

Hi All We're launching the Paper in Cape Town! BUT in order to effectively approach corporate sponsors with a reason to advertise in HIA we need a demographic of our online readership and we need it to be BIG ;-) Please can we ask you to tell ALL your…Read More

New paper out...??

mmm... When one is busy getting stories it's difficult to be telling you they're here as well ;-) The announcement for this month's paper is VERY late (Even though the paper itself wasn't;-)) Reason being is that I was away for the beginning of the month…Read More
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