Back to Release Moroccan Human Rights activist Chakib El-Khayari

a strong signal of imminent release.

The following is a very quick edit of a very rough translation of some good news about the effort to secure Chakib's release...


Stephane Hessel, a career diplomat, former French ambassador and one of the editors of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, is helping to secure the human rights of Chakib El-Khayari and working on his release from prison (Tulal) without any limitation or condition.

The demand came from Stephane Hessel, in a letter signed by 126
other activists, forwarded last Friday to Interior Minister Tayeb Cherkaoui under the supervision of the Office of Amnesty International in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Chakib is President of the Assembly for Human Rights is currently residing in prison Tulal result of his conviction three years in prison in force on the charges of abuse of the bodies of the organization and violating the laws of the Exchange Office .. Which is according to Amnesty International, "deprived of their liberty for political reasons" and "that is punishable in prison for his boldness in exposing
corruption and the exercise of his Khakouki."

The new message, addressed to the Moroccan Ministry of the
Interior included the signatures of prominent French public figures,
including political historian John Lewis Karimio Bgilak, aged 93
years, (the same age Stéphane Frédéric Hessel). The
coordinator of the"Amnesty Aix-en-Provence, France, Michel
Bietri, reported in "Hespress" the news of mobilization on the issue of human rights French Moroccan detainee Chakib:

"We have gathered 127 signatures in a hurry after the observation of the continued detention of Chakib. We have included a list of signatures attached to our letter to the Minister of the Interior Moroccan, including the names of Stephen Frederick Hessel and John Lewis Karimio Bgilak:

"We bet a lot of positive engagement with the Moroccan
authorities regarding our demand to see human rights activist Chakib a free man
again .. and to assure that public figures, French and global presence in the
phase the formulation of movement and balance in order to appeal to the Moroccan authorities to release optional as soon as possible. "

It should be noted that Chakib has spent so far 20 months of a 36 month prison term.

The Ministry of Justice announced in the beginning of October of the transfer to Tulal prison. The presiding jurist of the Assembly of the countryside to human rights towards the Directorate of Criminal Affairs and Pardons is a strong signal of imminent release.

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