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Do you think more breastfeeding initatives are important in North Carolina. Do moms need Ban the Bag

  • Yes, breastfeeding should to be promoted as a healthcare issue. Initatives are needed to prevent formula marketing in hospitals. (71% people answered this)
  • Maybe, but ask and respect a moms decision. Allowing alternatives and choice is important. (14% people answered this)
  • No, it is not that serious when there are other healthcare issues of women and babies. (14% people answered this)

7 people voted.

The Mission of the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition is to promote, protect and support breastfeeding through a cooperative network of individuals, coalitions, agencies and organizations. The NCBC is a coalition of individuals, agencies and organizations in North Carolina committed to promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding. To join our Yahoo! group and receive email updates on coalition activities, visit: 1.

Listen to both sides and decide.
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