Update: Nepal, Myanmar, ...

We've not been updating this page for long. But we've been busy keeping up the good work. We've spent some months in Myanmar and other places in Asia, we had some great experiences in Zimbabwe and we did some short trips to other areas. The Gospel of the…Read More

Join us to reach the unreached!

Mission is possible!

reaching the nations of southeast-asia

God is moving here in thailand. many are being filled with Holy Spirit. some have been seeing Jesus or a bright light, some are being taken to heaven, seeing and experiencing great and marvelous things, ... many are being set free, healed and transformed by…Read More

God is moving in southeastasia!!!

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Reaching Southeast-Asia with the Gospel of the Kingdom

We are getting ready for a 2mths trip to southeast-asia. doing a key-leader-training in thailand with 30 leaders from burma, vietnam, laos, cambodia, china, ... then traveling to all these nations and preaching/demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom... most…Read More

to fulfill the great commission

this month we where not able to cover the costs to feed our orphans and support the churchplanters in india and the himalayas. please consider helping us on that! for HIM and HIS Kingdom!!! follow this link…Read More
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