The purpose of this cause is raise awareness of problems and risks of LASIK surgery, and to serve as an advocate on behalf of LASIK patients.

LASIK Patient Acvocacy Network (LPAN) is a group of concerned patients, patient advocates, and medical professionals who have personally experienced the damage caused by LASIK surgery, to themselves, their loved ones, and others.

LPAN works to help patients who have been injured by LASIK surgery understand the nature and extent of that damage, to provide patients with treatment options and to raise public awareness about the dangers of LASIK surgery.

LPAN also works to dispel commonly held misconceptions about LASIK eye surgery.

Our purpose is to expand the understanding of poor outcomes beyond a simple model of visual acuity to encompass the entire spectrum of complex measures that constitute good vision.

1. To Advocate for LASIK patients with the FDA, governmental agencies, and eye care organizations.

2. To disseminate accurate, unbiased, scientifically-based information to LASIK patients, prospective LASIK patients, and the general public.

3. To create a community of patients damaged by LASIK surgery, so that they can be counted, heard, and understood.

4. To provide a forum for patients damaged by LASIK surgery to form support groups and share resources.