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Thanks from Greenpeace Canada

Hey Greenpeace Canada Supporters!

Thanks for being part of the Greenpeace Cause. We're working hard to pressure the Canadian government right now to get them to stand up for the wishes for Canadians and negotiate a good deal for the climate at Copenhagen this December.

I just wanted to ask for your help on 3 quick things:

1) If you aren't already a fan of the Greenpeace Canada page, please Fan us now! It's where we post all our latest campaigns, events and news: (if you're on Twitter and want to follow us, we're at

2) Take 5 seconds to sign our petition, asking Stephen Harper to represent our concerns about climate change at the international climate change talks this December - Sign here:

3) If you want to help us out by recruiting your friends to sign the petition, lobbying your MP, raising funds and getting creative, sign up as a Climate Defender - it takes 10 seconds to do and it's a great resource:

Thanks again so much!
Greenpeace Canada

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