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It's Official: Government of Mantoba Plans On Stalling Human Rights Complaint

It is no longer just a rumor. The Government of Manitoba has let it be known that it plans on dragging out the Association for Community Living - MB. human rights complaint (re; The Manitoba Developmental Centre - MDC) for at least 2-3 more years. It has also refused any form of mediation whatsoever

Persons with disabilities deserve better than this from their government. Furthermore, the actual cost of the MDC redevelopment could now be as much as $80,000,000 and NOT the reported $40,000,000 which was first announced back in December of 2004.

If you believe as my wife and I do, that ALL persons with disabilities belong in the community and not in institutions, then could you please convey this message to the Premier
of my province, Gary Doer, in the form of an email. We believe that ALL persons with a disability can live in the community when they receive all the necessary supports and services. Thank you for helping us: Free Our People

Premier Gary Doer's email address is:

[email protected]

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