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Manitoban's With Disabilities Need Your Help!!!

In April 2006 the Association for Community Living - MB. filed a human rights complaint to protest the Manitoba government's decision to invest $40,000,000.00 at the Manitoba Developmental Centre and their continued institutionalization of persons with a mental disability.

That was 3 years ago! The Manitoba government has been been dragging out the whole process and it is now rumored that the Manitoba government plans to drag things out for at least another 2-3 years. Furthermore, we've heard that the actual cost of the MDC redevelopment could now be as much as $80,000,000. This is an outrage! If you believe as
we do that all persons with a disabilities, regardless of type
or severity, can live in the comunity when the receive all of the necessary supports and services - then call, write, fax, or email the Premier of Manitoba, Mr. Gary Doer and let him know you disagree with his government's actions/ behavior. His address is:

Premier Gary Doer

204 Legislative Building
450 Broadway Avenue
Winnipeg, MB. R3C 0V8

Phone: (204) 945-3714
Fax: (204) 949-1484
Email: [email protected]

Premier Gary Doer: Persons with disabilities belong in the community and not institutions! Institutionalization is not Inclusion! We call upon your government to close down the Manitoba Developmental Centre - MDC. Ontario has just closed down its remaining 3 developmental centres.
It is now time for Manitoba to close down its institutions.

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