Help us close the Manitoba Developmental Centre and all other institutions like it. End the institutionalization and segregation of persons with disabilities - Community Living Works!

We believe that all person with disabilities can
live in the community, regardless of type or severity, when they receive all of the necessary supports and services.
Efforts toward deinstitutionalization are worldwide. Many countries have adopted or are moving rapidly toward a system of supports and services in which institutions play no role with respect to persons with intellectual disabilities. Unfortunately Canada is NOT one of these countries. Large institutions continue to be funded in seven (7) of our provinces. Thousands of individuals, in all provinces and territories, are living in health related institutions such as Senior's facilities, Nursing Homes, Acute Care
Hospitals, Long Term Care facilities and Personal Care Homes, as opposed to ordinary homes in the community.
On December 10, 2004 Family Services and Housing Minister Christine Melnick announced
that the Manitoba Government was investing
approximately $40 million to redevelop the Manitoba Developmental Centre (MDC) located in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. The disability community was outrage by this announcement. There wasn't any prior consultation with the disability community before it was made. Now, almost four years later, we continue to oppose the planned redevelopment of MDC and are working hard to overturn the governments decision. Community Living Manitoba has even filed a human rights complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. Join me and my wife Valerie in our campaign to end the exclusion and segregation of all persons with disabilities. Help us to . . .Free Our People!

1. Harry Wolbert - President

2. Valerie Wolbert - Vice President