What a wonderful response! Thank you!

Hello Everyone, I just want to thank all of you who have joined this Cause. We now have 1,654 supporters, which is unbelievable, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your support. I'm sorry I have not kept everyone up-to-date with ongoing totals and…Read More

Please continue to support the Leicester Infirmary Kensington Neonatal Special Baby Care Unit

ADAPT is helping the parents and families of the babies who are in the SCBU, Money raised helps them to visit their babies regularly, perhaps even on a daily basis. It gives parents support and help where possible. I know it is a long while since I set this…Read More

A Massive Thank You and Welcome!

A BIG warm Welcome to the 54 members who have joined the Cause since 26th April 2010! This is a staggering increase and am I so grateful to everyone who has obviously been recruiting like crazy! I will get around to thanking each new Member individually as I…Read More

Thank you!

Hi Everyone! I'm afraid I have not been as active on here as usual, partly because we seemed to reach a plateau in our membership and partly because Facebook has changed the way in which the Causes Page functionsl I have now got the hang of it, I think! We…Read More

Today's date

Hi Everyone! Today would have been our little Lucy's first birthday! Please remember her and all the other babies who have been cared for by the Leicester Royal Infirmary Kensington Neonatal Unit and in other Special Care Baby Units all over the UK. We…Read More

A BIG 'Thank you'!

Dear Cause Members, We have now reached a total of 235 Members and you have all helped to raise £436.18 for ADAPT just by using Everyclick.com as a search Engine. Every click you make raises 1p for the Cause so you have all been clicking away to raise this…Read More

Thank You!

I would like to say a very big 'Thank You' to all those of you who have been using Everyclick.com as your search engine. As of today, the total amount raised so far for ADAPT has risen to £365.00 - well done everyone! Please 'keep clicking' - the money is…Read More
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