Raise $1 Million for Research into the Cause,Care and Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

The challenge is for 1 Million Facebook users to donate $1 each to this worth cause.

Multiple Sclerosis is being diagnosed in younger and younger people. Facilities for the care for these young people are lacking. In fact many end up in geriatric facilities which is totally unacceptable.

It does not take much to add to this cause.

Just $1.

$1 to gain the gratitude of millions of people around the world whose lives are touched by this devastating disease.

Send a wish our way by giving just $1 and join the list of 1 Million Facebook users who have contributed!

1. To ensure appropriate care for people with Multiple Sclerosis

2. To ensure research progresses into the cause of Multiple Sclerosis

3. To contribute to research into the cure for Multiple Sclerosis