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On Wednesday Obama Took the First Major Step in a Plan to Ban All Firearms in the United States: On Wednesday the Obama administration took its first major step in a plan to ban all firearms in the United States . The Obama administration intends to force…Read More

Alert for ccw license holders

***ALERT for All Florida CCW License Holders*** Legislators Raid CCW Trust Fund - Try to Intimidate Governor DATE: May 11, 2009 TO: USF & NRA Member and Friends FROM: Marion P. Hammer USF Executive Director NRA Past President In a last minute sneak…Read More

second amendment

Our new Attorney General has already said this is one of his major issues. This takes literally 2 clicks to complete. Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today. It will only take a few seconds of your time. Then pass the link on to all the pro…Read More

Concealed Carry in National Parks Suspended -- NRA Files Motion To Appeal

Friday, March 20, 2009 On Thursday, March 19, a federal district court in Washington, D.C. granted anti-gun plaintiffs a preliminary injunction against implementation of the new rule allowing law-abiding citizens to defend themselves by carrying a concealed…Read More

Purpose Of The "Bill Of Rights".

The "Bill of Rights" was created to help assure the people that a new, much stronger, federal government would not just encroach on their rights the way the British had. This was the only way to get all the states to ratify the Constitution. Many of the…Read More

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Valued Facebook NRA member, We are plowing forward thanks to all your efforts in promoting and supporting the NRA Cause. I will be on here daily keeping you up to date with current events regarding our rights as citizens of the United States of America. To…Read More

promote the NRA Cause

Now more than ever it is important to spread the word and let your voice be heard. Too many people are just sitting in the background and not doing anything about it. We need some leaders out there to just take 10 minutes and do some promoting on here.…Read More
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