To provide a hot Nutritious Meal to any Child on M-W-F in the North Central District Of Troy New York

The Feed - A Kid Program makes sure that every child between the ages of 5-15 on every M-W-F has a hot Nutritious meal between the hours of 6-8pm , and given the opportunity to learn more about Jesus through taking them to church and exposing them to positive and educational opportunities within there own ciommunities, by cleaning thier neighborhoods, and through community forums of stopping the violence and getting guns out of thier neighborhoods!! To give hope to the destitute, homeless,addict and anyone else that believes that they are lost in the cycle of poverty, We believe that Matthew 25:42-46 is the mandate that calls us forward to fulfill the masters will!!!

1. To the Least of these

2. Get the guns off the streets

3. A safer and cleaner Neighborhood

4. Stopping the violence