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Best recruters of this cause

Dear friends,

here's a list with the best recruitors of this cause:

1. Solveig Harper - 65 recruits
2. Fabrizio Zanier - 41 recruits
3. Pascal Granicz - 35 recruits
4. Karoline Maes - 21 recruits
5. Pascal Peters - 20 recruits
6. Don Benito - 15 recruits
7. Florence Linster, Tiago Hof-Montalvao & Claude Neu -
11 recruits
10. Christine Doemer, Frederique Theisen, Marc Bour & David Mouraire - 10 recruits
14. Martine Wagner-kaiser & Gilles Lichtenberger - 9 recruits 16. Marylène Andrin, Connie Feltgen, Myke Teva Ismael, Simone Laureys-Steffen, Nadine Arensdorff & Zsofi Szemerei - 8 recruits
22. Gaby Grethen-Bertrang, Cyril Schlüter, Carine Seresse-Mattiussi, Maso, Mariejo, Christian Lima, Guy Martin, Caroline Bernard, Patricia Muller, Ginette Biberich, Ingrid Van Der Kley & Aldo Spina - 7 recruits
34. Jean Clement, Nathalie Dondelinger, Danielle Lazzarini, Koos Evers, Ries René, Alain Frast, Fränky Wohl, Steve Rodesch, Ras Tamanaco Quijada, Claude Weisgerber, Diane Graf, Joanna Grodecki, Krysztof Mirguet, Chris Crisante & Charlie Cooper - 6 recruits
49. Yolande Roller-Lang, Lars Gantenbein, Ronny Scheid, Josiane Schmit-Bausch, Fernand, Diana Calvario, Fabienne Haupert, Chris Birden, Claude Baba Pintsch, Cyril Perrichon, Vanessa Betti, Tom Lepage & Sylvie Cavallini - 5 recruits
62. Maryse Kohn, Nathalie Weiner, Lone Borchardt, Claude Diderich, Nadine Berend, Marcel Wilhelm, Jeanne Gengler, Braun Andy, Claudine, Steinar Guðmundsson, Stephane Humbert, Isabel Schank, Nathan Vantard & Kim Brüchle
4 recruits
76. Pascale Krier, AnaÏs Hoffmann, Silvio Rossi, Danielle Reiser, Victor Ferreira, Schmit Malou, Dirk Matthias, Tanja Reiser, Norbert Heinen, Michelle Kolling, Steve Hoffmann, Eva Paulin, Bisdorff Christophe, Nick, Sabine Friederichs, Christian Klein & Gisèle Gatti - 3 recruits
93. Claudine Kariger, Carmelo Scala, Alexa Trick, Chantal Cruchten, Sheila Molitor, Josette Arendt, Martin Bock & Nicole Ries - 2 recruits

Thanks to all of you for your commitment up to now and for the one still to come! :-)

Have you prepared yourself to come to the preview of HUMAINS dressed up as cave-man or cave-woman? Those of you who'll come dressed up like that will participate in the contest of best mask and win maybe one of the major prices consisting in a trip for 2 to Lötschntal to see the Tschagattas, a dinner for 2 at Restaurant THE LAST SUPPER or a coupon for free clothing at the all new Bram of City Concorde (all these prices are still to be confirmed).

So come numerous and bring all of your friends and family to spend an unforgettable evening!

C u there!


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