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LUFTBUSINESS needs your support!

Léif Lëtzebuerger,
Léif Lëtzebuergerinnen,

No, I'm not writing in behalf of his majesty, the Grand-Duke. This is just to inform you that the week-end's numbers of visitors at Utopia and Esch-Belval for the movie LUFTBUSINESS are deceiving. Everything seems to suggest, that people have forgotten, this is a movie 100% shot in Luxembourg, with many Luxembourgian actors a.o. Thierry Van Verweke, Claude de Demo, André Jung, aso.

The story about the poverty in our society is more than ever of importance especially during the times of economic crisis we're going through right now. The movie has been shot before the crisis and it seems like Dominique de Rivaz had a premonition about what was lying ahead of us...

Now those of you who thought they might go watch the movie in one week or two, be informed that the majority among you seem to think like that and that it might be too late for that. In fact the Utopia Group informed me that they have agreed to leave the movie in Utopia-theater for one more week (meaning for week 2), but if the number of visitors is not to increase dramatically, then it won't last a 3rd week.

Please remember, that watching the movie means showing your support to Luxembourg Movies on the one hand. But on the other it's Iris Distribution, a newly founded company that needs the support of all of you out there - especially in the beginning of it's activity - in order to survive on this very difficult market. And with Iris going up or down on the market it's my own job that is at stake here...

So to conclude my plea, I'd like to point to the fact that every visitor who goes to the movie, be it in Utopia or Esch-Belval, will receive as a gift one of the cool inflatable guitars we distributed for the air-guitar contest: if you won't love it, you surely know a child who will love to get such a guitar that, buy the way, you cannot buy in any store neither here in Luxembourg nore abroad.

So please go and watch the movie and spread the word about it, if you've liked it. And ask for the inflatable guitar when purchasing your ticket if they should forget to give you one: you will make happy at least one of the children in your surroundings!

Thanks to all of you for your support! :-)

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