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Tausend Ozeane by Luki Frieden with a.o. Nicole Max & Thierry Van Werveke reached 3rd broadcasting week at Utopia. It can still be watched at UTOPIA twice a day on each weekday. More details in luxembourg press.

About 550 People have attended this movie so far here in Luxembourg, which is not bad for an independent low budget movie produced in Luxembourg. But the movie has much more potential, as the luxembourg press gave good critics and the Telecran Readers who watched it the first weekend, when it was FILM VUN DER WOCH rated it 8/10.

So thanks to all of you who already watched the movie and supported therewith the production and distribution of movies produced in Luxembourg.

Please continue talking about the film to your friends and relatives and tell them to go watch the movie. And to all of you who haven't seen it yet: go and watch it! You'll not be disappointed!

Have a nice sunny week-end!!!

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