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Luftbusiness : Luxembourg Premiere on March 18th


A Movie Full of humanity about the loss of humanity through the loss of oneself!

Looking for easy money, 3 young outsiders leading a life on the fringe of society sell themselves on the internet. One sells his remaining years (his future), one sells his childhood memories (his past) and the third sells his soul. What seems to be a brilliant plan in the beginning turns into a nightmare when they discover they've sold their very existences...

The plot of LUFTBUSINESS (air business) is set in the near future and starts with the 3 young men squatting an abandoned greenhouse in the imaginary German town of Hamlin. In order to overcome their poverty, they have taken on survival jobs: Moritz participates in tests of the pharmaceutical industry, Liocha sells his sperm and Filou walks the dogs of the rich.

One day, when Filou takes one of the dogs back to his master, who owns an internet café, he has an idea: since it seems everything can be sold on internet auction sites, why not sell oneself? The 3 likeable outcasts offer to the highest bidder what they consider as no longer necessary. But what was meant to be a game turns into a really bad idea as they realize that it is better never to get rid of the most intimate and specifically human aspects in one's life.

Don't miss this poetic but cruel tale about the importance of little things in life.

Before the movie, a short animated film by Thierry Schiel LE VIEIL HOMME ET LE BROUILLARD will be shown.

The Preview will be followed by a show hosting an air-guitar contest and will take place in Utopolis as well. Watch out for flyers in cinemas next week. The people interested in participating in the contest will receive a cool inflatable guitar that can be used for the contest. The "GUITAR HERO"-fans amongst you should seize the opportunity to show off on stage in front of a real public! :-)

Genre: modern parabel/drama
Cast: Tómas Lemarquis, Dominique Jann, Joel Basman, Thierry Van Werveke, Claude de Demo, André Jung
Director: Dominique de Rivaz
Running time: 89 minutes
Language: German with french subtitles

Release: March 20th in the cinemas of Utopia Group & Caramba

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