Help the luxembourg film industry by supporting the production and distribution of movies made in Luxembourg or with luxembourgian help.

Far from being able to pride itself on a long as well as rich national cinematographical tradition, the Grand Duchy has only recently managed to find its place in the global audiovisual industry. A lot of Luxembourg films and co-productions were shown and awarded at major international festivals. Day after day, year after year, the country witnesses the growth of a new jewel in the crown of its economy: the audiovisual production.

Unfortunately the bulk of luxembourgian productions lack the notoriety they deserve, mostly due to sluggishness in distribution, lack of sponsors and insufficient marketing. By joining this cause you can help improving the image of luxembourg produced films in forwarding information about the movies to your friends and family, inviting them to see the movie, or helping the distribution or the production of the film by a suitable donation.

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