Hartford is the second poorest city in the nation. Our mission is to create a center for economic empowerment leadership training and development for individuals and grass-roots organizations.

The proposed Training and Economic Development Center and new headquarters for the Conference of Churches will improve the quality of life for people living in Hartford’s north end in three ways. First, by redeveloping this building in north Hartford, we will bring new business ventures to this particular distressed community and serve as a catalyst for further urban renewal in the area. This action will provide job opportunities for neighborhood residents and will also serve as a concrete model for additional faith-based economic development initiatives around the state.

Next, by providing faith-based community economic development training to faith-leaders and volunteers, we will mobilize concerned citizens to work to develop economic resources in Hartford and other similar communities across the state.

Finally, by providing retail and business incubator space, in addition to entrepreneurial and wealth building training, we will empower individuals currently living at or below poverty to improve their own economic status and lives.

1. Hartford's Northend is in need of Economic Redevelopment.

2. Hartford's Urban Youth need Economic Empowerment and Leadership Education.

3. As people of Faith and Goodwill we must put our faith into action and be the change we want to see in the world!