Share your facebook page with us here's mine:

Hey all, If you run a facebook page that is Karate related please share it here so we can generate more interest in our Martial Art! My page is Please feel free to "like" it. We have some pretty funny videos posted on there right…Read More

All our thoughts are with Japan at the moment

All our thoughts are with Japan at the moment

Passed 7500 Members now!

Hey all, Thanks for the great work in recruiting. However, we still have a long way to go before we really can make the IOC take notice. Please help by getting anyone you know who is interested in Karate, or interested in sports at Olympic level to join our…Read More

We've past the 7000 members mark!

Hey all! Thanks so much for your contribution and we're up to 7,272 members at last count. However for the IOC to really notice how popular karate is we need MORE people to join our cause! If everyone of us can recruit 2 people by the end of the month (which…Read More

We're on twitter now please follow us

In the interest of trying to promote Karate worldwide and to try and get the IOC how much popular support we have please go to twiiter and follow the movement. If you don't have a twitter account - don't worry its very easy and they don't take any personal…Read More

Great Effort over 1700 Members in the Cause

Wow, big thanks to you all out there who have become members of the Karate For the Olympics cause. But we need more and more people to join so that we can really become a voice that will be heard... are you with me???? C'mon lets recruit some more! Arigato…Read More
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