We miss Justin so much, AAIM was such a help for us, they are truly wonderful people with great hearts. I never want anyone to go through what my family went through but to know there are people to help you get through that rough time is so nice. I just never…Read More

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Justin's Memorial sign was put up on the corner of Devon and Canfield... He will never be forgotten

DUI Memorila Sign

Just an update, we are waiting to see if we are approved to get a sign put up near the accident site, the last place my brother was... that will read PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE and under will say in memory of Justin Prendergast hopefull it will go through…Read More

Any One else

If anyone has any pic of loved ones that were killed by a drunk driver feel free to post your story or a pic... it helps to hear other peoples stories and how they dralt or are dealing with this.

Last Court Date

This is the last court date to sentence the man who killed my brother. It will be at Skokie court house at 9am second floor room 206 on March 3rd. Anyone who would like to attend is welcome to. Thank you for all the support I appreciate it.

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