Our mission is to support the freedom of the Palestinian people under a sovereign, Palestinian State.

We believe in freeing Palestine. Since 1967, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip have been under Israeli occupation; prior to that, they were controlled by Jordan or Egypt, and under English occupation. The rest of Palestine has been occupied by Israel since 1948.

UN GA Resolution 194 guarantees a right of return for Palestinian refugees and access to Jerusalem. UN SC Resolution 242 mandates withdrawal of Israel from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The UN has also repeatedly upheld the concept of Palestinian self-determination, civil and human rights for the Palestinian people, and that these lands are Palestinian lands. Today, there is no recognition of these truths on the ground or by most Western States.

Millions of Palestinians live under occupation; millions more live as refugees outside of their homeland. Hundreds of thousands also live as second-class citizens within Israel and surrounding States. It is time for this to end. It is time to Free Palestine.

Donations to this cause go to United Palestinian Appeal, Inc. Please feel free to contact them regarding how they use the money donated. However, UPA is in no way responsible for anything related to this cause or its description, content, etc. www.helpUPA.com

NOTE: All posts on the wall that are argumentative, defamatory, partisan (promoting Hamas, Fatah, etc), invitations to other groups and causes, and otherwise antithetical to a broad-based coalition of supporters for a free, sovereign Palestine will be deleted. To reiterate a specific part of the policy, NO LINKS.

1. The Palestinian people have the right to self-determination.

2. Palestinian lands, including the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, should be a viable Palestinian State with full sovereignty.

3. All Palestinians should be allowed to return to a sovereign Palestine and become citizens and residents of this State.

4. The Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees shall not be voided, and is guaranteed by international law such as UN General Assembly Resolution 194.

5. The best partner for peace in the Middle East is a sovereign Palestine.