inquring minds

Inquiring minds want to know...NO need for tickets for the class reunion. We will have the list at the door. Dress is casual which translates to...wear anything you want! we don't care what you wear we just want you to attend. Time is 7p to midnight. Cash Bar…Read More


Today is the last day for the Shawnee Class of 1980 to purchase your tickets to the 30th year reunion!!!!Don't miss out on the fun. Don't miss the opportunity to reconnect with over 100 classmates me at [email protected]


Shawnee Class of 1980..FRIDAY is the last day to purchase is the last day of the extended deadline...head count is due!!!!so if you plan on going to the reunion..please purchase your tickets today. if you prefer to mail a check email me @…Read More

count down is on...5 days left to purchase yout tickets!

Class of 1980 SHS.....Over 100 classmates coming and getting more responses everyday..last day to buy tkts july 28...dont miss out...

reunion stalker!!!!!

okay class of 1980 Shawnee High School..let's order your tickets ASAP..I have been labeled a reunion I have to back off and leave it up to all of you to purchase your tickets! if you need help..i am here!

Reunion update

Ticket sales are brisk. We've met our minimum for caterer, so we are extending the ticket purchasing until July 28. Be sure to email, call or to alert other classmates who aren't on Facebook. Let's make sure that the excuse for missing the reunion isn't that…Read More

Reunion Deadline today!

Today is the last day to RSVP for the reunion. The turnout has been amazing! Please purchase your tickets today and forward to friends that may not be recieiving the emails. If anyone is unable to sign up online they can mail a check to Teri fisher 269 Sunny…Read More
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